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Taunton Funeral Home, Taunton, MA

Serving all of Massachusetts, we offer many different cremation service options to suite your family needs or personal preferences. Below are some of the combinations of services available to you.

Visitation or Gathering

Visitations play an important role in the healing process. It provides a time for family and friends to gather, share memories and to show their support for one another. The ceremonial container or memorial urn may be present with memorabilia items and pictures displayed. Visitations can be facilitated at a church, funeral home or personal residence and usually precede some type of service.

Chapel Service - A Contemporary or Religious ceremony can be scheduled in the funeral home chapel.

Church Service - A Church Memorial Celebration can be personalized with special family photographs and memorabilia.

Graveside Service - A gathering as cremated remains are interred is one of several options.

Memorial Services - When this option is selected, the casketed remains are not present. If you choose, the cremated remains may be present in the memorial urn of your choice, which can be personalized if desired. Memorial services may be held at a church, the funeral home or other setting of your choice.

Direct Cremation - Includes crematory charge, medical examiner fee, all transportation and legal papers.

Cremation Urns

We have a wide variety of memorial urns, most of which can be inscribed with personal text such as names and dates, a favorite picture or hobby or a custom design. For a more personal touch, keepsake jewelry and keepsake urns are available if you wish to keep a small portion of cremated remains with you at all times.

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